goPanel App provides an intuitive interface designed to simplify the process of managing web servers.


goPanel is designed to function with either a dedicated server or a virtual private server. You can install and manage the following services: Apache or Nginx, PHP, MySQL or MariaDB, Mail Server and FTP.


Completely remote system so you don't have to install any software on your server. We provide the tools you need.


goPanel doesn’t install any specialized software on your server and your credentials are stored safely on your mac.

Over 30+ unique features

everything you need to setup your linux server


Cutting Costs & Saving Time

goPanel lowers system administrator workload therefore saving you money. goPanel is the perfect solution to have your server setup and let you dedicate your energy to company growth.


User friendly

The app look and feel is taken as important as its feature set. The navigation feels like second nature along with visual appearance, interactive behavior and assistive capabilities.


Select Features

Everything you need to setup your server, web server, domains, emails, databases and ftp accounts. We're working continuously on many more features.



We are a young team working to improve your experience, listen to your feedback along with your feature requests that should be included for next versions updates. We'll always have your back.

Why choose goPanel2

We provide you with the best features to make your job easier

No install need
No.1 Competitor:
Has restrictions & limitations
Nothing to uninstall
No.1 Competitor:
OS reload (e.g. format-and-reinstall)
Works with all servers(*on accepted distributions)
No.1 Competitor:
Incompatible with some data centers and hosting companies (eg. Amazon EC2 instances)
None, as nothing is installed on your server
No.1 Competitor:
Is software which contains vulnerabilities like any other software
None, as its not a software running on server
No.1 Competitor:
Meant for websites that are small to medium, consuming quite a lot of server resources
Inexpensive, one time payment, unlimited servers
No.1 Competitor:
Expensive, monthly payments for each server

App Pricing

One time payment and it's yours. No hidden costs or administrative charges.

  • goPanel2 app
  • One time payment, Unlimited servers, lifetime access.
  • $38.99 $24.99 
  • Web Server  (Apache or Nginx, PHP, MySQL, FTP server, Mail)
  • Security:  Fail2Ban (intrusion prevention software) 
  • FREE SSL certs issued by Let’s Encrypt certificate authority
  • WP-CLI + One-click Wordpress installer
  • PHPMyAdmin (database manager)
  • Composer (application-level package manager)
  • Cron jobs, backups and IP block manager
  • Purchase goPanel
    or download trial

What should you know before you make your purchase

The app only works on MAC OSX Systems - Yosemite or newer.

Please make sure you read our supported Linux distro and your server doesn't have apache or nginx, ftp, php, mysql, mail already installed as we do not support migration to existing services.

Read our FAQ and User Guide for more details

Your purchase will offer you lifetime access to the app and also on multiple devices as iTunes terms (up to 10 Associated Devices, provided no more than 5 are iTunes-authorized computers.). We reserve the right to make some paid updates when we introduce new features. Please note that off App Store version of the app may be restricted to 1 or 2 uses per license depending on source of your purchase.

Unlimited servers, domains, emails only means that the app functionality is not limited or restricted in any way, you may still be limited by your server resources.